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You Can Never Have Too Many Good Times and Memories

Planning a sorority reunion or getting together with your fraternity brothers is a perfect way to reconnect with your friends, share great college memories and create many more. We can help you plan and hold an unforgettable and fun celebration using time-proven techniques and resources.

Prince George’s County is located in the heart of Maryland with a little bit of everything to ensure a memorable visit for all ages. There are a wide variety of attractions to enjoy, from theme parks to State, Regional, and County Parks to the great Potomac River which neighbors our Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C. Along with these exciting destinations, Price George’s County boasts a wide variety of delicious dining options to satisfy everyone’s personal cravings.

Reunion Capital USA is a helpful resource for every step of the planning process. To start your planning, we can assist you in finding a location and accommodations to fit your group’s size, budget, and preferences. As your planning progresses, we can provide additional information about group activities and special services, such as photography and catering.

We are available to assist you in your group planning needs for your visit to Prince George’s County. If you would like help finding accommodations for your group, or are looking for a location to host a special event please fill out an RPF and we will be glad to help!

We hope to help you make your sorority or fraternity reunion special and memorable in Prince George’s County. So whether you’re planning an extravagant sorority reunion, or just looking for a relaxing weekend with your fraternity brothers, we wish to help you create more happy memories.

Download a copy of our Reunion Planning Guide or view as a turn-page version here.

Homecoming Weekend

Start planning your Homecoming sorority or fraternity reunion today! Homecoming Weekend is the perfect time for you to plan a reunion with your college fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. Listed below are local college’s Homecoming dates for 2009. Contact your college friends to create a planning committee, tell everyone to “save the date,” and let us help to plan a memorable reunion.

Local Homecoming Weekends

UMD: College Park:


Bowie State:

Frostburg State University:

Salisbury University:

Morgan State:

Towson University:

John’s Hopkins University:

Catholic University:

George Washington University:

Trinity University:

Georgetown University:

Organize, Contact, Plan, and Celebrate

Listed below are some websites that may be helpful in planning your sorority or fraternity reunion. Creating a reunion website is a convenient and easy way to organize your information and share it with reunion attendees, and it can be viewed or updated at any time so everyone can remain informed of the reunion’s progress.

Are you wondering how to locate contact information for sorority sisters or fraternity brothers you have lost touch with? We have plenty of resources to help make the search easier. First, your College Alumni Associationis a very helpful resource, and many have a directory listed online in the alumni portion of your college’s website, which makes obtaining contact information simple. You may have to contact your college and obtain an alumni username and password to access the list.

Other ways to search for individuals include social media and people finder websites. You can search by an individual’s name, school, and year of graduation. Social media websites can also be a helpful resource throughout your planning process, from connecting with college friends through sites such as Linkedin®, to creating a reunion event or group on Facebook® or a Twitter® account to keep everyone involved and communicating throughout the planning process.

Greek Organization Websites

People Locator Websites

Create a Reunion Websites

Social Media Websites